My b🌸🌸bs have never looked like this.

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My b🌸🌸bs have never looked like this. (ESPECIALLY not in a sports bra!) As an A cup, I never fill out tops, bra cups are always gapping leaving my nipplage on display, and cleavage is DEF NOT a thing.

The Corset Bra is my go to sports bra. It’s like a comfy push-up bra where all of my cleavage is actually mine – not from inches of padding that doesn’t make me feel like me anymore. *cue all the miracle bras, wonder bras, and water bras* ⬅️ I owned em all.

This one’s for my fellow IBTC girlies who get giddy at even the slightest little shadow on your chest. Ya feel!?

The @popflexactive ✨Corset Bra✨ straight up gives me cleavage. Like ACTUAL CLEAVAGE!!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!

Explaining how it does this below:

✔️Corset inspired: The faux boning at the front adds a bit of compression and structure to help lift the b🌸🌸bs.
✔️ Wide square neckline: I find this type of cut to be the most flattering (and enhancing) for most bust shapes but especially smaller chests.
✔️Wide straps: This evenly distributes your b🌸🌸b weight on your shoulders and pulls the girls up as the faux boning slightly presses them in to create a Bridgerton effect!
✔️Crisscross back: The thick elastic back “lacing” creates a pull and a tightening effect that adds to the corset like compression.

But don’t worry, everything is stretchy and not restrictive at all. All of these elements add structure – but flexible structure because the whole point is to be able to work out!

If you’re not a part of the IBTC, no worries, you’re not excluded from enjoying the Corset Bra.

As an A cup, I wear this for EVERYTHING! For me it’s a high impact. HOWEVER, as your cup size gets bigger, this may be more of a medium impact (B-C) or low impact (D-DD+) bra for you. Coverage wise, we graded up the necklines of our XXS- 3X patterns, to ensure similar coverage on all sizes.

Personally, I sized down to an XS because I’m an A and I live for lower cuts and extra compression bc they give me more of a Bridgerton effect. However, this bra is totally true to size, so I’d generally recommend you to stick with the size chart esp if you’re above an A cup.


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