I am genuinely so sorry it’s taken me THIS LONG to design this… #sportsbra #fashion #designer

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I am genuinely so sorry it’s taken me THIS LONG to create a higher impact bra esp for my big boobed girlies.

As someone who has had small A cup sized boobs my whole life, my only view on boobs was that I’ve only ever wanted bigger ones. I always hated my small ones (could never fill out a dress) but also never appreciated that I could wear dainty bras or even no bra and still go for a run without feeling a thing.

To better understand your plight, I gave myself an enhancement by filling up balloons with water and ended up with “32H’s” according to the boob weight size chart! I have no clue if that’s actually accurate (like is boob tissue lighter than water so technically should my boob volume be bigger!?) but anyway, it’s a basis for something!

When I first tried my new “H’s” in my fave low cut bra (the yellow) I immediately realized how ignored you larger chested girlies must have felt this whole time. I’m so sorry!

The balloon experiment helped me live out your issues briefly, so here’s what I addressed with the new @popflexactive ✨Ambition Bra✨:

✅ higher neckline for more coverage
✅ supportive and adjustable band (3 settings so great for big boobed small waisted ladies)
✅ easy to remove (no more wiggle dance)
✅ sewn in nip coverage (no removable pads)
✅ thicc, comfy and adjustable straps
✅ keyhole on back for breathability
✅ clean finished edges bc it’s sleek
✅ XS-3X

I’m wearing the size XS here as a real 32A and fake “32H”. Keep in mind that as the sizes go up, the coverage increases everywhere as well! Please check https://www.popflexactive.com/ @popflexactive to see it on a few other REAL (non balloon) cup sizes.

This is just my first foray into the highER impact bra arena! I’m curious for your thoughts as I work to get better, more technical, and more high impact in this category. I kept with a simpler design this first round, but please let me know what other issues and features I need to be thinking about!


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